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Remittance Papers

This series includes non-periodical and numbered papers in Spanish or English. The papers in this series are descriptive and analytical about short-term economic and other issues of interest related to remittances, in particular, to Latin America and the Caribbean; written by researchers from CEMLA as well as some guest researchers. The emphasis of the papers is the recent developments and prospects of the topics analyzed. The development of the topics may include comparative studies between countries in the region or case studies, among others.

The selection of documents published in this series is internal. Before publication, the documents are subject to editorial review. The distribution is free through the CEMLA's website.








Submission process for

CEMLA receives articles or essays (papers in general) for peer-review refereeing on a continuous basis. Any person may submit original papers to be published in Monetaria provided the author or owner of its rights authorizes CEMLA to submit the article for peer-review refereeing and grants the Center translating, editing and publishing rights if accepted for publication.

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